agata-kuczminska-pngHi, my name is Agata and I'm a designer.

I graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Katowice, Poland. After graduation I gained experience working for several leading advertising agencies in Poland. For nearly a decade I've been runing my own successful business where I help people build their brand.

What I do and what are my responsibilities?

I solve problems and deliver tailored solutions in field of web design, logo design and illustration. I take responsibility for whole design process. Starting from research and consultation, through sketches, mockups, wireframes, design and final publication.

My goal is to deliver objective solution to your problems and help you grow your business. I use my knowledge to improve your customer experience with your brand. I'm here to help your business through thoughtful, user experience oriented design.

Your responsibilities

Good design is only possible when all parties are involved in the project. It's important to realize that in order to find a perfect solution I need you to tell me what I'm looking for.

That said you have two responsibilities:

  • Declare your goals
  • Deliver content (I will not start work without it)

How I work

Over the years I've learned that success depends on following my design process without compromise. Here is how I work:

  1. Questionnaire - it's the best way for me to find out if I will be a good fit for what you need.
  2. Discussion - getting into details of your project
  3. Estimate - which includes my pay, project description and timeline
  4. Signing the Contract - definition our responsibilities in case something goes wrong
  5. Work plan and payments - I always plan all work in stages, with each separately invoiced. I get paid to work, which means I don't start work if the current invoice is not settled.
  6. Research - I perform research which helps me to learn more about you business and your competition.
  7. Consultation - I make use of everything I've learned while working with you to make sure I completely understand your goals.
  8. Sketching and Mockups – finding the right direction
  9. Design - I choose the best solution from the sketches/mockup and develop it into working design
  10. Presentation - final design with description of each design decision I've made

I consider my work finished only when our goals are met. I periodically check if everything works fine, and if i see something that could be improved I will present it to you.


I always do my best to deliver the best possible working solution to my clients needs. I've worked with many wonderful people who trusted me with their projects. Here are some testimonials from few of them.

Agata was an absolute pleasure to partner with to create customized icons for my website. Smart, responsive, fast, and friendly, Agata made the process seamless and easy. As an excellent problem-solver and creative talent, Agata also ensured that the results of our efforts were exactly what I had hoped for. As an added bonus, her English is impeccable and made me feel like she was across the country instead of across the world. You will not be disappointed if you work with her.

Tanya Van Court
CEO and Chief Sower, Sow
Former SVP and GM, Nickelodeon

I've been fortunate to work with Agata on multiple project and recommend her highly. She is methodical and disciplined in her approach and communicates well through the design process. She brings a fresh perspective to her designs that make them stand out and they are of very high caliber comparable to very high-end agency level work. For US-based (or English speaking) customers, you will find her spoken and written English to be excellent. Especially given the level of talent you will be getting, she is an excellent value.

Kenny Schiff
Technologist, Entrepreneur,
Founder of T2 Technical Services

Why hire a professional

I'm an expert in my field and I'm constantly investing in my education to deliver the best solutions. If you are looking for a professional who will help you achieve your business goals please visit the website of my Interactive Agency AIO Collective